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Renowned as the marvel in the market, Serving Thread Guages, Air Gauge Unit, Air Gauges, Taper Gauges, Plain plug and ring gauges, Snap gauges, Receiving gauges, TPL gauges and all gauges as per drawing. We are also a NABL ACCREDITED CALIBRATION LAB (CC-2472) (in lieu of C-0080) and provide the best Calibration Services in the nation according to our CMC in linear dimension.

An Introduction

Greatly acclaimed in the markets across India, we are, S.V. Nanometrology Private Limited (Formerly S.V. Engineering Centre) - A manufacturer who specializes in delivering the best in class Serving Thread Gauges, Air Gauge Units, Digital Air Gauge Units, Air Plug & Ring Gauge, Taper Gauge, Receiving & Special Gauges as per drawing, and a NABL ACCREDITED CALIBRATION LAB (CC-2472 in lieu of C-0080) and a lot more. We highly speak of our attributes, when it comes to stating why we are a foremost company of this market. Most significantly, we consider our ideology an element behind prominence and prosperity. The mindset of every personnel working in our facility is the same, all of them seek to win the trust of customers, before earning any profits.

Each department in our facility coordinates properly, so that they can maintain a streamlined execution of works.

Owing to which, we overcome every obstacle with perfection. Further, with more confidence we seek on welcoming more challenges, so that we can keep ourselves distinct in the markets.

Supported By a Spectacular Team

We are a firm which is backed by individuals who are masters in their respective domains. Every employee working in our facility ensures to undertake work and complete it in a professional manner. We cherish having such personnel in our facility who have supported us, and made us stand strong in this market. We ensure to provide them appropriate trainings after assessing their set of skills and introduce to them latest advancements in the market, so that they can become better than before.

As we feel glad to have the support of such a marvelous team, the employees of our firm feel the same to work with us. It is because we do not make them feel as a part of our company, instead we make them feel as a member of our family.

Communication with Customers

We know that it is most necessary to communicate with clients in order to earn success in the markets. Communication with customers not only establishes a strong bond with them, it also helps us in learning more about ourselves. More we listen to our customers, more we understand about how we can prove ourselves better than before, the next time they come to avail from us. Some of the factors behind giving such importance to communicating with customers are:-

  • It helps us get their feedback, which we immediately implement.
  • Communicating with clients helps us get a better understanding of their exact requirements.
  • As we listen to customers we understand about the new trends and advancements, so that we can deliver to them accordingly.